What size buildings do you offer?

Our sizes range from an 8X8 all the way up to the spacious 14x40.

Does my property qualify for delivery?

It is the customers full responsibility to make sure there is adequate space for your new building. Keep in mind the installer will need room enough all the way around to set your blocks and level it up. Also, any low tree branches or power lines are something to keep in mind.

Do I need a building permit from the city prior to installation?

Customers are responsible for checking with their local city codes & HOA for building permits and restrictions. Also, some cities require they be installed a minimum of so many feet from property lines.

What if my ground is too wet for delivery?

We highly recommend it be reasonably dry with solid ground prior to delivery and installation. If it's too wet and we have to bring the building back, extra fees may occur for rescheduling. Ron's Portable buildings will not be responsible for damage done to property due to wet ground

Do I need to purchase concrete blocks to set my building on?

Most generally, we will furnish one layer of blocks and some shims to set up and level. If your ground is unlevel or you want it set up higher off the ground, we recommend you have extra blocks at the site.

How long will it take to get my building delivered?

Depending on the demand at the time, it normally takes 7-10 business days for delivery on an in-stock building. On a custom built building, usually 10-14 days. Again, it will depend on the demand at the time of purchase. Also, weather may alter delivery times. We have our own fleet of delivery trucks so we always focus on getting all deliveries ASAP.

How much is the down payment if I want to lease-to-own a building?

Buildings $5000 and under only require your first monthly payment to get started. If the building is over $5000, it requires 2 monthly payments down. Also, any delivery fees or oversize permits must be paid up front as well.

How long do I have to pay on my building before its paid off?

We can set your LTO contract up for 24, 36, or 48 months. You can pay off early without any penalty. Also, if you payoff within 90 Days, it's same as cash.

Where do I make my monthly LTO payments?

For your convenience, we have now made it possible to make your monthly payments online at Ron's Portable Buildings . You can also set it up on autopay, mail it in, or call and we can do it over the phone at 1-800-649-5494.

What does it cost for delivery?

We offer free delivery within 25 miles of any of our Ron's Dealers nearest you. You can view our Dealers Map to find a nearby dealer. It is then $3 per mile past the 25 mile range.

What if we want to return our leased building?

The lease-to-contract is a minimum of 5 monthly payments. The building can then be returned if need be for a $100 disposition fee, $100 pickup fee, and $3 per mile. If it is returned before 5 monthly payments have been made, the customer is still responsible for a total of 5 payments.

Does my building come with a warranty?

All buildings come with a full 1 year warranty.

Can I move my building while it is still under lease?

Yes, you can. You are required to contact us prior to moving it. It is mandatory we are informed of its new location. If anyone other than a Ron's employee moves it, the customer is responsible for any damages.

What type of siding do your buildings have?

LP Smart Panel siding is what comes standard on all bldgs. We do however offer T-11 siding or metal as well.

What type of roofing options do you have?

Most of our buildings come with a 45yr metal roof. We also offer shingle roofs to meet any HOA requirements.