What sizes are your buildings available in?

Our standard buildings range from 8’x8’ to 12’x40’, in increments of two feet for most styles.

Can you build a building wider than 12’?

We can custom build two halves and assemble them on site for a width up to 24’.

What styles of buildings do you offer?

  • Standard Barn
  • High Wall Barn
  • Gable Roof Building
  • Front Porch Building
  • Side Porch Building
  • Side Entry Barn
  • Metal Building
  • Green House
  • Play House
  • Gazebo

Can I customize the color of my building?

When you order a custom building, you have the option to browse our paint department and choose the color of siding and trim. We can color match any color swatch you bring in.

What are my siding options?

All buildings have the option of colored Masonite, T1-11, or metal.

What are my roof options?

Aside from metal buildings, all buildings have the option of galvanized metal, colored metal, or shingles.

Is ordering a custom building more expensive?

No! You do, however, have the option to add additional features to your building (windows, porch, taller walls, metal rollup door, lofts, etc.) which will increase the price.

Do I have to make a down payment on a lease to own building?

Down payments are required for building purchases exceeding $3,000.

Does my building come with a warranty?

All buildings come with a one year warranty.

What is the cost of delivery?

For every mile over 25, our delivery cost is $3/mile. Delivery is FREE within 25 miles of your nearest or local Ron’s dealer. If for any reason the building cannot be delivered on the first trip, the customer is responsible for all cost associated with returning the building to our yard and then delivering it the second time.

Does my property qualify for delivery?

  • There must be enough space for not only the building but also the truck and the trailer.
  • The truck and trailer may exceed 75’ in length and 15.6’ in height.
  • We do not set buildings on any type of platforms or piers. A clear, level area is required for delivery.
  • If the ground is soft or wet, delivery is not advised.
  • We reserve the right to reschedule a delivery if the ground conditions are not adequate for a safe and non-destructive delivery.
  • Low ranch gates, power lines, and telephone lines may cause issues for the driver when entering the property.
  • Adequate clearances require a minimum of four feet from any other structure or property line on any side of the portable building, and overhead clearance equal to the height of the portable building plus five feet.

If the driver determines that there is not enough space, arrangements for another location must be made by the customer. You are responsible to identify and locate any underground water or sewer lines that could be damaged. Customer bears all responsibility for damage to yard, driveway, etc. You are responsible to know and obtain (where necessary) all permits and meet any HOA requirements.

Is there a fee for setting up my building?

Generally there is not. This is done at the time of delivery. We supply the necessary blocks to set up your building. If excessive blocks or manpower is needed to create a level surface for your building, fees may occur.

How long does it take to get my building?

Generally, an in-stock building will take 1-3 business days to deliver. Due to a high demand and increased sales, all custom portable buildings can take up to 15 business days. Weather conditions and the demand of the season can alter delivery times. Unlike other portable building stores, we have our own fleet of delivery trucks and drivers who ensure prompt delivery and 100% satisfaction.

What if I don’t want my lease to own building anymore?

We will pick up your building for a $200 fee as well as $3/mile round trip. Your building lease payments must be up to date. After your building is picked up, you will not owe anything else and you will be release from the contract. You must wait at least 5 months before exiting your contract. If you request that we pick up your building prior to 5 months, you will be responsible for the remainder of the payments until then.

Is maintenance required on my building?

We use treated materials, but with any wood products, routine maintenance is suggested to extend the life of your wooden structure.

Can we move our building while under lease to own contract?

Yes. You are required to contact us prior to moving your building to inform us of the new location. If anyone other than a Ron’s employee moves your building, you are responsible for any financial obligation if the building is damaged.